The World’s Best Destinations For Those Addicted To Coffee

by Sasha Selkirk

Coffee forms an essential part of many people’s diets, mine included. I wouldn’t say that I am addicted to caffeine or that it dictates my life and where I choose to travel….but it is certainly a consideration!

Love coffee? Love to travel? Tick off these destinations to taste the best the world has to offer:




I would rather go without coffee than take it with sugar but found I loved it served up in traditional Vietnamese style, dripped into condensed milk. If I was surprised to like coffee sweetened in this way, I was shocked to like coffee brewed from animal excrement. Yep, that’s right, weasel poo coffee is delicious. Conclusion, don’t leave Vietnam without tasting it!




Colombia is famous for two of the world’s most addictive substances, cocaine and coffee. Give in to the legal addiction and pay a visit to the coffee triangle.


Costa Rica


Visit a coffee plantation to see how the beans become the brew and taste right where it’s grown. You know what coffee goes well with? Chocolate. Pair your tour with a visit to a cacao farm for the full shebang.




Australians love their coffee and nowhere has a café culture quite like Melbourne. Order a flat white at a café in one of the city’s many graffiti painted alleyways.




Coffee is so ingrained in Swedish culture that they even came up with a word to mean ‘having a coffee and cake and a chat’ – fika. Take your brew with a kanelbullar (cinnamon roll) to really complete the Swedish experience.




The Turkish drink their coffee unfiltered so don’t finish the cup unless you’re partial to the grainy, brown sludge at the bottom!




The Italians are serious about their coffee. As a result, never order milk in the afternoon, take it at the counter and for the love of God, please don’t call it ‘expresso’!



coffee culture

Finally, there are few greater pleasures in life than drinking coffee in Paris. Therefore spend your morning dipping freshly baked pastry into your cup and people watching from one of the city’s street-side cafes.

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