Exploring Tel Aviv: Non-stop Nightlife and Sandy Beaches

by Gavin Darvell

Relax, the call of the Mediterranean Sea is calling as it washes ashore the Tel Aviv beaches. The late simmering Autumn sun and the distant sounds of the clubs and bars are calling your name! You’re in the Manhattan of Europe, the city that never stops renewing itself.

Tel Aviv is a city that sleeps little and parties hard! Ready to experience it? Mix in some unique culture and iconic ancient biblical places to visit, and well, you have a recipe for a top destination. Let’s go explore.

From the Metzitzim beach in the north to the Alam beach in the south, Tel Aviv is the sun and beach destination which may have featured low on your radar before now. Time to change your mind then!

You’ll find Tel Aviv to be modern, vibrant city, where top DJs will spin the tunes on decks at night, to where by day the sun-seekers enjoy the beaches, chasing the sun. It’s not all about the beaches though.

Tel Aviv

Old town Jaffa - Tel Aviv

The central area has redeveloped massively since the 1930s. In quite a dramatic way with the Bauhaus architecture style being most dominant. But you’ll also find pockets of the past, and museums to browse. There’s no better place to start at that than at the…

· The markets – Markets are fabulous places to explore and get the local vibe. Tel Aviv has two that are well worth your time to explore, Jaffa Flea Market and Carmel Market. These are the beating hearts of the city. Laid-back with cafes and bars, colourful stalls. See perfect for exploring.

· Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Spending a day in the museum, exploring the masterpieces. Sounds like a great way to enjoy your time. You’ll see some of the top artworks here, so check it out.

With your head full of the sounds and flavours, history and colours of the markets and museums, perhaps it is time to chase the sun for a bit or go for a walk.

· The beaches – They are, of course, the major draw. There’s no getting away from the surf and sand. Add in the beach bars and restaurants, well it’s idyllic. Even if you just want to sit back at watch the day slowly slip away.

· The Broad walk – There are parks to explore and a Broad walk to walk. Watch the setting sun. It’s as romantic as it gets.

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Bethlehem

You need to make the most of your time here, and a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and/or Bethlehem should feature highly on your to do list. These biblical destinations are etched into our upbringing. Sacred sites that will resonate with so many people. The Wailing Wall, the birthplace of Christ. They are once in a lifetime places, with once in a lifetime experiences. Both within touring distance of Tel Aviv.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea near Tel Aviv

Your pilgrimage done, it’s time to head back to the sea. No ordinary sea, of course, head for the lowest point on earth and well float! Add in some therapeutic Dead Sea mud and you’ll return to your hotel or lodgings rejuvenated.

Tel Aviv offers all the sunshine trappings of many of its Mediterranean neighbours but with the chance to visit some of the world’s most sacred sights. Combing the two makes this place extra special.

Pack the bikini. Don’t forget the swimming trunks and gather your thoughts. This is one very special place.

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