3 Days In Prague

by Gavin Darvell

Prague, a city, once occupied. Now a centre for thirsty tourists, seeking out the culture, the attractions, the Beer! Welcome to the Czech capital, home to the best beer in the world. One of Europe’s prettiest cities.

As European cities go, Prague is up there right next to the likes of Paris, Rome and London. It’s a city that brings millions to its cobbled streets each year. Attracts the Hollywood studios for famous movie scenes and is a place to party! From its vibrant street scene to the raucous beer halls, it’s stunning architecture to its resonating history. Spend 3 days in Prague, and you’ll never be bored.

You only have three days, so there’s no time to lose.


Day 1


Use this day to explore the city centre and get your bearings. Wenceslas Square is a great place to start. Listen to the buskers or go and seek out the famous astrological clock. Then take a walk or bike ride around the cobbled streets, admiring the architecture as you go. An excellent way to get your bearings is to use the hop-on-hop-off bus or an introduction to Prague tour.  You’ll start to get familiar with the city, and you can pick out the best bits and re-visit them later.

The afternoon is worth spending time in the Jewish quarter and its museum. Located between the old town and the river. It’s a fascinating area to explore. Visit the Jewish museum and then take some time to contemplate what you’ve just seen at a café or beer hall. Well, you are in Prague after all! You can combine your day with a saver card, it’s cheaper and you’ll see the same attractions. Remember you’ve only got three days!

Your evening deserves to dive into some Czech culture. We’re talking beer! You can head off on a beer tour or pub crawl, or for a slightly more relaxed evening, try the local food and drink. You may also find classical concerts taking place in the churches. It’ll be the perfect way to round off the day.


Day 2


The Castle dominates the Prague skyline, but first experience the unique vibes and atmosphere on Charles Bridge. It’s the living, breathing heart of the city. I once busked there! But that’s another story!

If you’re happy to walk, then the Cathedral and Castle are a steep climb from Charles Bridge. It’ll be worth it though, as the view is as spectacular as the buildings you’re standing next too! Take your time and explore this side of the city.

You’ll notice the river runs through the centre, so it’s worth taking a cruise, perhaps even ramp up the romance with a dinner cruise? Makes for a good contrast between the architectural splendour of the Cathedral and castle you visited during the day. Or visit the theatre, Prague has a diverse range of evening entertainment, so there is plenty to do for a night out.


Day 3


Time to leave Prague for the day. With some beautiful towns to visit, you’ll be silly not to head out and see them. Karlovy Vary is Czech must see. It’s a spa town, where you can admire the 19th-century spa architecture and take a stroll through the impressive looking colonnades. Perhaps you’ll be able to taste some of the healing medicinal water?

Cesky Krumlov or ‘Little Prague’ is another Czech gem. It’s not hard to see why it has such a nickname. It really is a miniature Prague. There’s a beautiful castle, old town square and architecture from the Renaissance and Baroque period. You’ll be taking more Instagramable shots than is healthy! If you wish to stay out till late, the city has many lively bars and restaurants.


The Czech Republic is a stunning country to visit. The cities are like a set from a fairy tale. The beer is second to none, and the wide-ranging activities make for great experiences. Three days in Prague just about covers the surface.  But what a surface!

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